That is the beginning of follower-ship. Do we instruct a train driver? Point taken, but that is exactly where the pact ends. A train will drop you some station. That is the end of a trust pack. A new journey may begin on a bullock cart. The cart man follows one of our instructions but the cart man gives so many instructions to the bullocks. Many times, we tend to believe subconsciously that life is single journey with a single driver. And we surrender to that faith. Good, but that is living by heart. Intelligence is a ruthless excess on heart. It will ask those questions that will bring the discretion out of its slumber. The results are embarrassing because they have come out of turn. Nee, you thought so because you forgot, time will catch up one day.
Surrender to a ceremonial event is one such encounter. We do it because others do it or we do it because there is no space of time that we get to sit back and understand as to what exactly we are doing. Practices rule and we do not know they are ruling out of turn; in the sense, the time and situation are outlived. Neither we knew why then nor do we ask why now?
Our detours are a treacherous ‘turn for the urn’. Years later we realize there is indeed no heaven on the earth. Panama included!